Daily Operation Pain Points

Our decade of experience in the tourism industry has informed the way our software is built. We’ve been in the same position as our clients, and created a software that would address the various pain points one comes across when running their own tour business. We’ve shared how Event Book Manager can address some common customer pain points in your business, but there are other more operational concerns that it can help improve as well. We created software that turns some of the most stressful moments in your business, into easy simple to manage tasks.

Maximize resources, and you can maximize profits. Many businesses offer jet skis, paddleboards, kayak tours and more fun activities that are reserved in groups and parties. If the group trips during the day aren’t fully booked, then renting out remaining resources on an hourly basis is a great way to generate more business, but the fear of overbooking resources makes people miss this opportunity for growth.

Event Book Manager has a resource management system that monitors which resources are used for the specific activities, and will only offer tickets to customers based on the real-time availability of your rentals. If a 6 person Jet Ski run only has 5 participants, and you have one more jet ski available for use, Event Book Manager will offer that as an option to rent until it needs to be returned based on a previously booked tour. As the operator you are also able to access a quick overview of where all your resources are reserved by checking the calendar function, it will show which equipment is booked and for what activity.

We can’t control the weather, but we have the next best thing with Event Book Manager. When that storm which has been on the horizon all day finally moves in and you’re forced to cancel all the afternoon trips, EBM makes it quick and painless. In a one-click process, you’re able to stop any more bookings, by simply selecting which trips need to be shut down by marking them from available to unavailable. Then with another two-clicks, you can set the system to automatically contact everyone on your reservation list and send them a reschedule link, so you don’t have to contact them directly. Stormy days are now made a little less gloomy with the ease of canceling and rescheduling appointments through Event Book Manager.

Event Book Manager is built to scale and keep up with you as your business grows and you will never experience slow processing time with our software. We constantly monitor usage on our system and add servers as needed so you can always get tasks done quickly. We believe in fast and efficient software, so your business can be the best it can be.

Now that you know all the different pain points Event Book Manager can help alleviate, give us a call to receive a free demo and see how this system can improve your business and life.