Attract More Millennial Travelers with Online Booking Software

While Millennials have certainly garnered a reputation for being tech-savvy and obsessed with social media, they’re also big on travel. In fact, recent studies show that Millennials travel more than any other generation, accounting for 20% of all international travelers. Many Millennials even value travel over saving and spending on nearly anything else. One study by Airbnb found they’re more … Read More

How To Increase Online Tour Bookings By Optimizing Your Website

As a tour operator, how can you drive people to book their tour reservations online? Your website is the first place to start. If a user visits a site that is visually unappealing and difficult to navigate, chances are that they will go elsewhere. However, by optimizing your website, your online tour booking can skyrocket. Here are a few keys … Read More

How To Survive Holiday Weekends By Using A Tour Booking Software

With the Memorial Day weekend fast approaching, you can expect an influx of online tour and rental bookings — especially when it comes to watersports and beach activities. How can you prepare for this increased volume of Memorial Day activity, then apply those best practices to any other holiday weekend? Tour operators can turn to a tour booking software to … Read More

How To Personalize Your Automated Tour Booking Communication

Automation is quickly becoming commonplace across a wide range of industries—in fact, it’s estimated that 85% of all customer service interactions will be automated by 2020. The tour booking industry is no exception! Automated processes can save you time and money, which allows you to allocate more energy and resources elsewhere. This increase in efficiency and reduction in costs translates … Read More

Why Tour Operators That Go Paperless Are More Successful

Tour Operators Go Paperless

Thanks to technological advances, companies operating in a wide variety of industries have gone paperless in recent years. Why? Because paper-dependent businesses can be inefficient and costly. In fact, it’s estimated that companies spend more than $120 billion each year on printed forms, most of which are outdated within just three months.

Kat’s Pro Tips: Early Bird Catches the Customer

The early bird catches the customer! Don’t delay in setting up your calendar and open up booking windows before your season is in full swing. Research suggests that 25% of travelers book the activities for their vacation in advanced. If you are not providing options for those travelers i.e. increase the date range on your bookings, you are leaving a … Read More

Welcome Indexic’s New Head of Sales – Janine Lyman

We’re excited to welcome Janine Lyman to the Indexic family as our new Head of Sales. Find out more about Janine and what she brings to Indexic below: I’m thrilled to join Indexic as the Head of Sales.  I have a keen sense of adaptability, which has been cultivated by my privileged experience in many different industries including education, graphic … Read More

Kat’s Pro Tip : Adjust Booking Windows Accordingly

It’s important to identify how your customer views the activities you provide. Will it take up a whole day of their vacation like snorkeling or a sailing trip? Or is it a few hours of fun that can be decided last minute? Many people create itineraries months in advance for their trips, and your booking windows should be adjusted for those … Read More


2018 is coming to a close, and we’re prepping for a busy and prosperous new year. A part of that success is identifying trends in our industry and making a plan for how to address the various needs of our clients. In that research, we’ve spotted two major travel trends that we think need to be a part of your … Read More