Kat’s Pro Tips: Check-In Process

You have customers booking online which is great, this means the staff onsite are not constantly on the phone and have time to focus on providing a first class experience to guests. However, you now notice that when guests arrive their first stop is at the check-in counter to ask what to do. Is this the most efficient way for … Read More

Kat’s Pro Tips : How to Drive Online Ticket Sales

You’ve developed a great looking website for your business and set up an online booking system. Now, how do you drive people to purchase their tickets online? We have a few great tips, and easy steps to implement that will make a huge impact in driving online ticket sales. Big Buttons – You know in movies, where there is a big … Read More

Kat’s Pro Tips: How To Navigate Trade Shows

Trade shows can be fun, informative and a great way to network but also overwhelming. Here are some of Kat’s Pro Tips for making the most of your trade show experience: Be strategic – Exhibitors and organizers will be sending you information about the show well before you arrive, take advantage of this and look through who is exhibiting and … Read More

FAQ : Event Book Manager

Event Book Manager was developed by tour operators that understand the daily stresses of running a tour business. They know how the weather can ruin a whole day and the on-your-feet problem solving that’s demanded when too many people show up for an overbooked session. Event Book Manager is so intuitive it’s a ray of sunshine on the rainiest day, … Read More