Easily Manage Your Bike, Golf Cart, and Rental Business With Indexic Rental Software!

Enjoy specialized features just for the Golf Cart, ATV, and Bike Rental industries. With Indexic’s aReservation software, you can manage inventory and customer reservations, eliminate paperwork, automate tasks, and improve your customer communications.


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Reservation and e-Waiver Signing Software for Golf Cart and Bike Rental Companies

aReservation is an online booking tool and reservation management system developed to meet the specific needs of rental companies. aReservation integrates seamlessly with aWaiver, our electronic waiver signing platform, keeping all reservations and waivers in one spot for quick and easy tracking.

Our industry experience gives us the insight needed to develop software that addresses the things that are most important to you:

  • Knowing where your rentals are at all times.
  • Generating as much revenue from your current rental inventory as possible.
  • Automating routine tasks so you can grow your business easier.

We can help you with that.

  • Our unique resource calendar and reports give you 100% visibility as to where your carts are and when they are coming back.
  • Our early return feature enables you to rent your resources prior to their original return date; thus, generating more revenue with the same inventory.
  • Our aWaiver software, click-through agreements and picture feature all help eliminate your paperwork, automate your daily functions, and simply how you do business.

Our Customer Support members have industry experience. They get it and know how to help you.  They are passionate about the tour industry and you’re not just a client to them, you are a friend, a partner, a part of the Indexic family.


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Online Booking with aReservation

Are you realizing your full business potential?

Optimized Website Checkout + True Shopping Cart = More Revenue
Maximize your site’s booking potential with a checkout process based upon conversion science.  By utilizing a real shopping cart, your customers can book multiple activities with just one transaction.  This process creates more bookings for you and a better buying experience for them.

Manage your business from anywhere
If your office is a hut on a boardwalk, at a Resort or you operate out of your truck, you can manage your business with aReservation’s mobile-friendly platform.  Quick and easy to use, all the same features are available on both desktop and mobile devices.

Mobile bookings

More than 65% of online reservations are now being made using a smartphone or tablet. aReservation mobile-optimized checkout delivers an amazing booking experience on every device.

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Grow Your Business

Your customers enjoy the ease and convenience of booking a reservation 24 hours a day via computer or mobile device. Our Boost Program increases your market reach by enlisting other companies to sell for you.  Our delivery and in/out reports keep you organized and streamlines your delivery and pick up processes enabling you to expend more energy growing your business.

Rental Reservation Management Software

aReservation’s Dashboard provides an overview of your rentals’ status by day, week or month.  Easy access to your rental details for quick changes.

Easy To Use Reservation Software

  • Cloud-based technology.
  • Only 2-clicks to create or modify a booking.
  • Consolidated reservation information all together in one page.
  • Software scales to any mobile device for full functionality regardless of the access point.
  • Extensive reporting to better manage your business.

Smart Scheduling & Pricing Strategy to Improve Profits

  • Our Dynamic Pricing feature gives you the ability to change pricing based on demand in your market by event time, and/or day of the week securing more sales and optimizing your profit margins.
  • Set up as many calendars and rate types as you need for your rentals.
  • Easy adjustments such as blacking out dates or changing cut-off times for online booking.
  • Implement dynamic pricing to reflect your changing demand over the year.
  • Automated schedule reminders to customers of pick-up and drop-off times.

Robust Resource Management

aReservation’s Resource Module is the most advanced in the industry.

  • Maximize your revenues from your rentals by never overbooking or under booking them. This is how you grow your bottom line.
  • Setting schedules for rental equipment availability gives you greater flexibility ensuring that you capture all potential bookings for that rental equipment currently and in the future.
  • Resource Calendar displays current availability of rentals.
  • Our early return feature allows you to rebook rentals earlier than scheduled, maximizing your revenue stream.
  • Our exclusive In/Out report gives you 100% visibility to the day’s activity.
  • Our delivery and pick up report enables you to map out your most efficient delivery/pick up route.

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Improve Your Customer Communication

Improve your customer communications with these automated features:

  • Text reminders are set to automatically send to each customer before the activity START time and/or END time.
  • Two-Way Texting facilitates communications with your customers. Text logs are saved with the customers’ reservations documenting all interactions.
  • The Auto Cancel feature contacts everyone on a reservation list via email, text, and phone simultaneously informing them of your cancellation.
  • Secure Reschedule Links permit customers to reschedule their reservation to a future date and time.


Integrated Electronic Waiver Signing Software

Eliminate the hassle and expense of maintaining paper waivers.

  • Cloud-based software.
  • Kiosk and at-home signing.
  • Captures the identity of a person signing for the best protection.
  • Email and cell phone capture.
  • Customize signing statements
  • Integrates with aReservation so all reservation information is in one place.
  • 7 years of storage included.

Multi-user Account Access

  • Unlimited user accounts.
  • Multiple access levels.
  • Each user sets their personal preferences.
  • History Logs.

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Advertising and Marketing with aReservation

Build new customers and keep your current customers coming back.

See where your marketing is working
•  Tie revenue to marketing campaigns
•  Determine ROI with aReservation robust reporting.
•  Track all your bookings with aReservation integrations for Facebook’s Pixel, Google Analytics Ecommerce, and custom conversion tracking capabilities.
Automated Customer Review Emails
Who does not read a review before making a booking? Let your past customer experiences help sell your business. Rise to the top of the leading customer review sites, including TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook, Yelp, or any review site with aReservation follow-up emails sent automatically for any activity, tour, or rental.
Coupons, Tour Discounts & Gifts
Easily create a discount code or gift offer in seconds. Customize your discounts with advanced restrictions based on activity, seasonality, day of the week, or even the exact time of day. Choose between fixed dollar amounts or percentage discounts.

Learn Why Our Clients Love Working with Us

Don’t just take our word for it— discover why you will love using our booking software and electronic waiver platform straight from our customers.

Read Our Testimonials

“I just want to personally thank you all for everything you have done to help Chesapean Outdoors. It was the best business decision we have made. I really appreciate all of your help and just want to make sure you know that! Sam was excellent today.”

- Katie Redford, Co-Owner, Chesapean Outdoors

“I wanted to say that having Kat come here and spend time with us not only showing us the system but helping us get launched was simply terrific!”

- Fawn B, Sunny Isle Adventures

“People seem to be really liking the new waiver system and the shop likes it better than [the competitor’s software].”

- Michael Byars,
Owner of Fly Key Largo, Florida
Network of Partners
Grow your business by reaching more customers with aReservation network of partners and online distributors. We work with some of the biggest leaders in the industry to bring you more customers and more bookings, while helping you run your business faster and smarter.