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The tour industry moves fast—keep up with it with aReservation and aWaiver.

aReservation aWaiver

Introducing aReservation and aWaiver

At Indexic, we know what it takes to run a successful tour business because we have done it.  We’ve lived the highs and lows of the tourism business and we have taken our extensive knowledge and built it into our software.  We know what you want.

  • Ease Of Use.
  • Innovative features that automate your daily functions.
  • Stellar Customer Support that know who you are and what you do.

We have what you need.

  • Software that can be used on any computer or mobile device.
  • Features that are unique to us that eliminate your need to manually manipulate your calendar and availability.
  • Customer Support staff who have worked in the tour industry and have used both software out in the field for years.

aReservation and aWaiver were built to work in conjunction with each other but can be used autonomously.


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aReservation Booking Software

aReservation Booking Software

Online Booking Software Tailored to Meet Your Needs

aReservation is an online booking engine and reservation management system developed by tour operators for tour operators! aReservation integrates seamlessly with aWaiver, our e-signature waiver platform, keeping all reservations and waivers attached electronically for quick and easy tracking.

Let’s face it, traveler behavior drives how we all operate in this industry and this behavior is changing in regards to booking activities and attractions.  Travelers are doing more advanced planning and online booking than ever and this trend is just going to continue to grow.  You need to ensure that you can accommodate this shift in the industry norms and chose the right software that is going to guarantee you meet these new requirements.  aReservation is that software.  It was designed to help you meet your customers where they already are: online.


What Will Our Online Booking Software Mean for Your Customers?

Your customer’s experience starts with our exceptional online booking process. With aReservation, customers can book multiple activities with one check out saving them time and frustration.

What Will Our Online Booking Software Mean for You?

You will be able to create a superior customer experience for your guests, generate as much revenue as you can during your season and by automating routine tasks, you will be able to grow your business easier.

aReservation Features

Advanced Equipment Resource Module
Our algorithm ensures you accurately capture bookings

Auto-Cancellation & Rescheduling
Contact everyone on the reservation list about a cancellation and they can reschedule themselves

Booking Optimization Technology
Allow customers multiple activities in one transaction

2-Way Texting
Communicate directly with customers and document all interactions

Integrated Waivers
Use our electronic waiver signing software to capture person's identity and signature on desktop, mobile or tablet seamlessly

Dynamic Coupons
Activate promotional offers easily to reflect changing seasonal demands

Tidal & Sunset Smart-Scheduling
Set activities and tour times based on tide, sunrise, and sunset tables

Smart & Comprehensive Reporting
Analyze data with real-time and customized reports

Personnel Module
Assign required personnel to activities, email trip reminders, and provide work calendars to everyone registered

Self-Selected Merchant Services
Link to your preferred credit car processing company or use ours, it's your choice

Gift Cards via Online/Phone Purchase aReservation Features
Offer e-gift cards via online or phone as an additional revenue stream

Multi-Event Checkout
Our shopping cart books multiple activities in a single transaction maximizing your booking potential

Text Reminders
Send automatic updates before activity starts and/or end time

Image Capture
Take pictures of IDs and rental equipment to document each reservation

Early-Return Auto Monitoring
Return equipment early, placing it back into inventory so you can rent again and maximize revenue
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aWaiver waiver software

A Worry-Free e-Signature Waiver Platform

Paper liability waivers are one big headache—they’re expensive to print and store, can easily get lost or damaged, and present security concerns when you have them laying around your facility. Luckily, we have the solution you need that takes the hassle out of signing and managing your waivers.

aWaiver is a fully web-based software that takes your liability waiver from your insurance company and transforms it into an electronic waiver. It’s easy for your customers to sign documents online and for you to manage! You’ll be able to safely and securely capture the identity of the person signing your waiver, which will be kept in our database for 7 years so you can reference it as needed.




What Will Our e-Signature Waiver Platform Mean for Your Customers?

They will be able to quickly sign your liability waiver electronically either at home or on your onsite kiosk using any Apple or Android tablet. This saves them time and allows them to get out on their adventure faster.

What Will Our e-Signature Waiver Platform Mean for You?

You’ll experience peace of mind by eliminating the nightmare of paper while enjoying the highest level of protection against “I didn’t sign that.”

aWaiver e-Signature Platform Features

7 years storage
7 years of online storage included


Free App
Free App for Onsite Signing

Integrates with aReservation
Integrates with aReservation software

Multiple minors
Sign for multiple minors at the same time

Add notes to a signed waiver

Offline Capabilities
App works offline

Powerful search feature
Powerful search feature

Easy Signing
Quick and Easy signing

Secure Signing
Secure signing onsite and at home

Unlimited Pages
Unlimited pages per waiver

Unlimited Waivers
Unlimited number of waivers

aWaiver FAQ

Is there a minimum systems requirement for mobile devices and computers to use your software?

Yes, at home signing requires that the device have a camera and microphone to use aWaiver.
Android mobile devices should be using Android version 6 or newer.
Apple iPhones and iPads need to be running iOS 10 or newer and you need to use Safari. macOS devices need to run on iOS 11 or newer and use Safari or Chrome. Additionally, be sure the camera can be permanently set to forward-facing so each customer doesn’t have to change the camera.

However, we recommend using the most current operating systems for Android or Apple devices as we are always updating our software with the latest technology and older operating systems aren’t always compatible with current technology.

Do you supply liability waivers?

No, your insurance company usually has a liability waiver they want their customers to use. Get a PDF copy of the waiver from your insurance company and upload it to our system using the Manage Waivers tab in the user portal.

Does the waiver have to be in PDF format?

Yes, we require all waivers to be submitted in PDF format. If you have your waiver in a word document, you can print it out to a PDF file, there is free software online to do this, and then upload the newly created PDF file through the user portal.

Do you charge my credit card when I sign up for an account?

Yes, when you open an account with aWaiver, we charge your credit card $30 to authenticate your card. You now have a $30 credit with us to will be applied to signed waivers. We will not bill you again until you have used up the $30 credit.

How do you bill for my signed waivers?

We bill monthly for waivers signed in the past 30 days. We will automatically charge the credit card you entered into the billing section of your account and send you a notification of the charged amount.

Do you have a monthly minimum charge?

No, we only bill you for the actual number of waivers you sign. You never pay for waivers you didn’t use with our system. However, we do have a yearly minimum charge of $30 to use the software and we bill in $30 increments. If your usage is under $30 for the month, we will bill $30 and then you will have a credit and will not be billed again until that credit is depleted.

Is there a limit to the number of pages my waiver can be?

No, your waiver can be any number of pages. It is the same price regardless if it’s 1 page or 10.

Is there a limit to the number of waivers I can have associated with my account?

No, you can have as many waivers as you need to operate your business.

Can I use multiple credit cards for an account?

No, all account billing goes to one credit card only. We can’t split payments. If you wish to bill different cards for different waivers, you will need to set up multiple accounts.

Can signed waivers be changed after the fact?

No, once a waiver has been approved by yourself or someone in your employ, the waiver can’t be changed.

How do I find a specific signed waiver?

Finding a waiver after a customer has signed is easy. Using the search bar in the user portal, you can search by name or date of service. All entries matching your search criteria will be displayed.

How long do you keep signed waivers for?

aWaiver keeps your signed documents for 7 years.

If I stop using aWaiver, how do I get a copy of all my waivers?

If you no longer wish to use our service, you can request a download of your waivers. There is a minimal charge of $250 for this service but there is no time frame for requesting this information.

Can I add additional information fields to aWaiver?

You can, but you should consider the legal ramifications when adding anything and recommend you consult with your insurance carrier. We developed aWaiver to process customers quickly while on-site at your facility. Adding additional information fields may slow down this process and cause delays in getting people to their activities. Our system is designed to work in conjunction with a reservation system where all other personal information would be stored.

Does aWaiver integrate with any reservation systems?

Yes, aWaiver is a sister software to aReservation by Indexic. We do have an API that we can supply to any software provider you may be using so that they can integrate the waiver information with your reservation system.


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The end result of implementing aReservation and aWaiver in your business?  Happier customers, lower administrative costs and increased efficiency.  This leads to more reservations which means more revenue — all while simplifying your daily routine and eliminating common frustrations!

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Why Do Our Clients Love Our Online Reservation System and Electronic Waiver Platform?

Don’t just take our word for it—hear why you will love using our booking software and electronic waiver platform straight from the source.

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“Fun Brothers in has done three times the volume last month than the previous year all due to on-boarding with Indexic. We’ve purchased new Golf Carts in expectation of future rentals. Thank you for all the hard work!”

- Sally F, Manager of Fun Brothers Land & Sea Equipment Rentals

“I wanted to say that having Kat come here and spend time with us not only showing us the system but helping us get launched was simply terrific!”

- Fawn B, Sunny Isle Adventures

“People seem to be really liking the new waiver system and the shop likes it better than [the competitor’s software].”

- Michael Byars,
Owner of Fly Key Largo, Florida