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Online Tour Booking and Rental Reservation Software Made Simple

The partnership you’ve been waiting for is finally here. We’re tour booking, equipment rental, and electronic waiver experts delivering a software solution that’s as smart as your business processes.

Our online reservation management system makes it possible to keep all the moving parts of your business organized in one convenient place and running efficiently. From taking bookings, to signing waivers, scheduling your staff, tracking equipment availability, communicating with your clientele, and more, we’re here to help your business scale without sacrificing the customer experience.

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Increase Online Bookings with Our aReservation Software

Our online tour booking platform, aReservation, provides a simple solution to tour operators and equipment renters across the travel industry with complex scheduling, staffing, and equipment needs—it can serve virtually any industry that takes bookings.



Experience an Easy Electronic Waiver Process with aWaiver

Our electronic waiver platform, aWaiver, captures acknowledgment of your legal statement via audio, video, and digital signature—making it the most legally robust in the industry and freeing you from worrying about liability so you can focus on your customers.


Online Booking & Reservations Tool For All Industries

Our online booking software can serve any company that takes reservations, schedules equipment rentals, books guided tours, or requires waivers—from escape rooms to food and wine tours to cooking classes and everything in between.


From bicycle and golf cart rental businesses to hiking tour operators (and every type of adventure in between), our scheduling software will boost your online tour bookings so you can help even more customers explore the great outdoors.



Whether your customers are floating through the sky in a hot air balloon or soaring on a hang glider, our online tour booking software keeps track of all the details so no aspect of your business is left up in the air.



No matter what combination of jet skis, kayaks, or boats you rent out or give tours on, our reservation management system can help keep your water excursions organized and customers satisfied as they enjoy soaking up the sun and sea.



Our online booking software can serve any company that takes reservations, requires waivers, books guided tours, or schedules equipment rentals—from escape rooms to ropes courses, gymnastics lessons, food and wine tours, cooking classes, and everything in between.


Why Choose Indexic

Why Choose Indexic?

From the way your customer makes their initial booking and signs waivers, to how you manage all your reservations and schedule your staff, you’ll be able to experience operational efficiency and provide a better customer experience! The result? Happier customers, reduced costs, and more time in your day to do the things you love!


Turn to a Booking Software Partner You Can Trust

Why Do We Do It?

Our founders and leaders are tour professionals just like you, so we’ve been in your shoes. When the only people that cared enough about our problems were us, we created our own online reservation system to overcome them—and now we want to help you do the same. Your solutions are created by family for family… that’s you. We are dedicated and passionate about keeping things simple for you so you can grow your business while doing what you love.

How Do We Do It?

We’ll do the heavy lifting and take care of everything behind the scenes so all your customers see is a seamless experience. You get to dream up the most interesting and kickass online booking process while we work our fingers to the bone automating it for you. Then, once you’ve attracted new customers through your online booking platform, you’ll be able to validate your check-in’s with the highest level of security in the electronic waiver industry.

Make aReservation. Sign aWaiver. See what we did there?

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“I can’t say enough about aReservation and aWaiver. Not only does the software allow you to tailor its use to your needs, but Kat and Barb took the time to provide tools and knowledge we need to utilize the software immediately.”

- Jotham, Ike’s Parasail

“I wanted to say that having Kat come here and spend time with us not only showing us the system but helping us get launched was simply terrific!”

- Fawn B, Sunny Isle Adventures

“People seem to be really liking the new waiver system and the shop likes it better than [the competitor’s software].”

- Michael Byars, Owner of Fly Key Largo, Florida

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